About Me

About Me

“Music is in my veins, I wake up with music and I go to sleep with music”

Aleysa was born in Valverde del Camino, Spain. She studied Business &
Management and moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to study International business.
In 2016 Aleysa graduaded with a masters in financial markets and moved to
Amsterdam to pursue a career in the financial sector. After building a career in the
financial sector, she transitioned to focus on music in 2017. “ I will do what ever I
want and how I want it, not matter who judge me, my life, my choices” she said
knowing the impact that music can have on her financial carreer.

Aleysa came in contact with music at a very young age. In Spain she is known for
her performance in the Spanish Tv show Eurojunior. There she was part of a group,
were they did performance all over the country for the next years after she was
choosen for the reality.Aleysa’s love for music did not fade. After her Eurojunior
performance she went presenter on a music television program and many different
galas and shows. Her aspirations to become a actres/ singer made her enroll in a
one year study of drama that she combined with her carreer.
Now,being more mature, with more experience and fully focused on business and
music she is bringing something unique to the market combining her latin roots with
her passion for African rhythms that won't leave anyone indifferent.


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